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Hi! My name is Jacob Higbee Graduated with a B.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art & Design, I am equipped with Pro Tools Certification, and years of experience with; film, tv, music, indie, animation, studio, and commercial projects. I have a strong passion for re-recording mixing, sound supervision, and collaboration.


Quality Services

  • Sound Supervision

    Let me and my team take care of all the sound needs for you next project. We'll craft a special mix perfect for your needs.

  • Mixing & Mastering

    Whether you'll need a mix and/or master for music or a visual project, I'm capable of mixing for stereo, 5.1, 7.1, or Dolby atmos

  • Compositions

    Let me compose something original for your next project! On a time crunch? I have a large library of compostions ready to go whenever you need them!

  • Engineering

    Let me engineer your next recording session! I engineer for vocalists, musicians, adr, voiceover and foley artists!

  • Sound Design/Editing

    I'll team with your storytellers to help tell the story sonically, be creating intense emotions, strong motifs, and striking tones, all in one incredible mix.

  • Sonic Branding

    I'll create an identity for a brand, project, or design by creating sounds that will remind people of your unique idea.

  • Audio Restoration

    I'll improve or restore audio files that have been effected by distortion, loud background noise, hum, wind, rustle, crackling, bleeding or low quality/old recordings

  • Remote Recording Sessions

    I'll conduct a recording session with all parties remotley, through Pro Tools!

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Latest News

  • I am SO excited to announce that my *new* website is finally up and running! It took a long time to design all of the logo's, get together all the files and design the website itself! I had an older website that is only about 3 months old, and at the time I felt like it was enough. After some time browsing my peers websites' and other sound company websites, I decided to take my basic knowledge of design I had previously learned from my first website, and really put it too the test by implementing all the elements into a newer, sleeker and more professional website, and I couldn't be happy with the outcome! I guess I'll really know in another 3 months how much I like this website, because by then I'll decide to revamp it again if I feel like something is lackluster, or I'll leave it the way it is now for a while!

    I had never had any experience with coding or web development of any kind before; I knew that I wanted something more personal than pre made web building apps, and mostly, I didn't want to pay that monthly cost to keep it up and running. It's hard to say if I saved much money, because it took a lot of learning and research to figure out the basics of web design, not to mention all the time spent diagnosing the (many) issues that would eventually arise. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the process, if I could go back, I would probably have paid someone to do it for me. That would have been the best win-win situation, I would have only had to pay an upfront fee as opposed to a subscription payment model, and it would be supporting other artists and designers! I'll definitely take advantage of the talented designers and coders soon!

    I originally thought of this process as exactly that, a process, something that would be tedious and difficult to get good results with. Although it turned into a bit of a process, I found myself really enjoying the time I spent designing and building the site. I don't think that I would ever do this professionally, but it certainly peaked my interest in something I hadn't experienced before! I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope we get to work together soon! :)

  • I'm currently working on making my presence as a sound designer more known, I have come up with a plethora of ideas (which I'll be sharing soon!) to not only help with that, but also to keep myself challenged and motivated as a sound designer!

    I find myself getting hyper fixed on many of my projects, as I'm sure many of my fellow artists have experienced. Of course, I want to make the best product that I can, but sometimes when I work without a break, or only focus one on project for more than a few days, my creative judgement and decision-making slowly starts to fade...and I think I've come up with something that will help me, and hopefully yourself!

    It's common in the sound world for artists to upload recordings, compositions, or any other form of audio to a variety of audio sharing platforms. The audio files are usually short and are commonly known as "loops" or "samples". You may have heard of either of these terms before, but probably on a bigger scale, such as a well-known pop artist "sampling" an older song in a new instrumental. There are many different sites and platforms that allows any artists to upload some of their own samples or loops. One application/website that is commonly known with studio producers is called Splice. They have a seemingly unlimited amount of content that any user is able to download and use in their own project. All the proper licensing and such is handled with the exchange or credits that users obtain through a monthly subscription, I've used Splice in many of my projects, as well as countless other sound & music professionals. It's very common for these samples or loops to be short, 5, 10, 30 seconds, which is one of the most enticing elements of this exercise.

    These short exercises are a perfect way to recharge the creative juices in a form that can be shared and appreciated by others. I've found that when I get to a unproductive mental state with my main project, it's be tremendously helpful to take a brief break from it, and compose a short loop, and then return to my current project feeling refreshed! I try to keep very fluid when working on a loop, no wrong ideas, nothing is too extreme or not enough, and I try my hardest not to delete any element of my loops. These can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, again, it's up to YOU! I have an extensive library including hundreds of unfinished ideas, beats, instrumentals that will probably never be heard by anyone except myself, and that can be a defeating feeling at times. This exercise allows me to be able to create with a purpose, and have a product that others could potentially benefit form, and that helps to motive me even more.

    No matter what kind of artist you are, this exercise is applicable to almost every medium. Quick sketches, small renderings, tiny creations, a brief description, anything to break the monotony of whatever your current project(s) is. I'm aware of the obvious platforms for sharing art, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, I've found a few more that you might not have heard of! These are; Deviant Art, GitHub, Society, Behance, dribble.

    I would love to hear your thoughts! Did this help you? Do you already do something like this? Any more sites I should add to my list? Drop me a line in the contact section, and PLEASE, include pictures of whatever little ideas your create! Wile your down here, I'll be posting these loops on my sound cloud monthly, I aim for one a day! Click the cloud icon right underneath to hear what I come up with along with my other works!


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